About the 4Lobe Events team

4Lobe Events- utilizing 4 lobes of the brain for interactive, experiential events and teambuilding

Our team

Our national team is a highly focused, and lean. We remove the excess layers out of pricing and work to ensure that what we offer adds true value to your events.

We pride ourselves on our creative concept development, our ability to quickly adapt to changes, and our capability to manage complex projects for clients so they can enjoy rather than worry.

working together

We strive for excellence, professionalism, and accessibility throughout the entire event planning and execution process to develop unforgettable events every time:

  • Creating the ideal event for your group
  • Adapting to changes in event scope and size
  • Managing complex projects with multiple stakeholders

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4Lobe, part of The FTC4Lobe Group, is the expanded events wing of the largest culinary tour company in North America, Food Tour Corporation (FTC).

Our Culinary-focuseed team building activities and corporate/group events emphasize food and drink to provide clients with exciting, often interactive results.

What does 4Lobe stand for?

The concept of 4lobe is the utilization of all parts of the brain, combining the creative and artistic with the analytical and organized. We follow the 4lobe principal regardless of event or activity; from progressive dinners to corporate team building to Dine Arounds to Food Festivals, ensuring innovation and creativity while emphasizing detailed organization and execution.

4Lobe Events founder

4Lobe Events was created by the man behind the explosive growth of culinary tourism over the past decade, Jeff Swedarsky

Jeff founded Food Tour Corporation in 2007 for less than a hundred dollars with no financial backers, or business partners while simultaneously working a demanding 9-5 job. Over the next 8 years, the company grew into an award winning multi-million dollar nationwide family of companies.

As the Food Tour companies began to grow, clients began to request larger and more complex events and activities than Food Tours, leading eventually to the establishment of 4Lobe Events.

After starting the company, Jeff began to build a team with the goal of becoming the nation's largest and most innovative Culinary Event company. 4Lobe Events is the fastest growing segment of the FTC4Lobe Group, with dozens of Event Managers, Emcees, chefs, caterers accross the country as well as creative, operations, and accounts team headed up by some of the best in the culinary tourism and events industry. Jeff currently is the president of both 4Lobe and Food Tour Corporation, managing individuals in both the DC area company headquarters and throughout the United States and Ontario, Canada.

Jeff has served for several years on the executive board of directors for the Alexandria Convention and Visitors Bureau, and is a former board member of the DC metro region Event Planning Association. Jeff was recently named to the 2017 40 Under 40 in Alexandria, Virginia. Jeff also is the vice president and head of redevelopment for the ASA food tour certification program.