Corporate Team Building and special events in Chicago

The largest city in the Midwest and third largest in the country, Chicago is a paradise for food, architecture, culture and history.

Neighborhoods of beautiful brownstones lead up to major high-rises that create a world class skyline. Situated on lake Michigan, you can take in a beautiful day on the beach, visit another world in the massive Chinatown, enjoy indigenous dishes that we all love such as pizza, hotdogs, and Italian beef, or dine at some of the most progressive restaurants in the world.

Take the El train through the loop and to some of the iconic neighborhoods to enjoy live like a local, enjoy theater, professional sports, and fantastic art. Dress up and have drinks on a rooftop overlooking it all.

In Chicago, you are in a world of your own. A big city in the Midwest has a more accessible feeling than you would expect, and the amenities and sheer beauty will keep you from leaving. Enjoy events, tours, and other culinary activities throughout Chicago with 4Lobe Events. Let us know and we will put together the ideal product for you.