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With an extensive background in culinary tourism, the Food Tour Corp team launched 4Lobe Events, a company offering events and team building options along with tours, for corporate and non-corporate groups.

Regardless of group size, whether 50 or 5,000, with the same focus on customer care, planning and development, and execution.

How our culinary focused event company can exceed your expectations

At 4Lobe Events, we are dedicated to developing and executing your next event.

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We strive for excellence, professionalism, and accessibility throughout the entire event planning and execution process to develop unforgettable events every time:

  • Creating the ideal event for your group
  • Adapting to changes in event scope and size
  • Managing the varying needs of multiple stakeholders
  • innovative and creative culinary events
  • corporate team building solutions
  • locations throughout the United States

Currently we have teams that run events and corporate team building activties in and around the following cities:

Annapolis, Arlington, Baltimore, Biloxi, Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas, DC, Houston, New Orleans, New York, Norfolk, Orlando, Philadelphia, Tampa, Toronto, Virginia Beach and Wilmington.

Event Details

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Culinary Challenge

The Culinary Challenge series are events will test knowledge, skills, and ability in interactive competitions where participants collaborate in fun and innovative ways that involve food and drink. Often, culinary challenges are used by organizations in order to overcome difficult issues, create meaningful connections, or for a fun experience outside of the office.

'Iron Chef' inspired Culinary Challenge

Participants team up and choose from project-based positions that together create a functioning team. This event can be set up under the guidance of a local chef to help create fantastic dishes. Teams will present their dishes to judges, who will have to decide the winner based on several pertinent aspects. At the end of the event, guests will sit down to enjoy a multi course meal, drinks and dessert.

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Culinary scavenger hunt

We build on the traditional scavenger hunt by combining an interactive guided trip through a great neighborhood in one of the cities in which we work sampling food and drinks along the way.

This team-building event involves working successfully with others to orchestrate a plan to seek out historic, cultural, and culinary items throughout a neighborhood or area. Guided by their project plan and a series of tips, groups will hunt for food, drinks, and historic landmarks visiting between 4-7 establishments either within a neighborhood on food, or between multiple neighborhoods on motorcoach.

Culinary scavenger hunts can be customized for participants to achieve specific goals, create meaningful partnerships, network with potential clients, or for colleagues to get to know each other.

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Dine Arounds

Combine entertainment along and a meal into one great experience with a Dine Around. A Dine Around brings together a multi course progressive meal served at 2-3 restaurants complete with beer or wine pairings along with a city, neighborhood, or cultural tour. The historic, architectural and cultural tour takes place between the stops and integrates the meal with the entertainment for the evening.

The Dine Around can be customized to offer a variety of options at different price points to provide a great value regardless of budget. Restaurants visited can vary from casual to high-end VIP options. The price is based on restaurants, dishes, chefs, transportation, alcohol, and combination with receptions or other activities.

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Team Building activities and events

We understand that not all events can be culinary based due to time, budget or other reasons. When that is the case, we can still help. Our acclaimed creative will develop a variety of team building events for your corporate group that fit within your specifications.

Our professional team of event planners will work closely with you to ensure your objectives are met by creating a thoughtfully developed event program.

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Food Tours

Culinary Tours and Food Tours are hands-on experiential activities that combine an area's culture, architecture, and history with local food and drink. Specifically, 4lobe Food Tours integrate both historic and cultural sites alongside visits to local establishments to enjoy specially created dishes. Activities can be as short as three hours and as long as several weeks.

Throughout the Food Tours, guests meet chefs, proprietors, brewmasters, farmers, and bakers whenever possible, while enjoying the best that they have to offer.

4Lobe partners with sister company Food Tour Corporation, North America's premiere culinary tour provider to develop customized Food Tours in all 4Lobe's operating locations.

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cooking classes

A local chef will teach guests cooking techniques, styles, and recount stories as she creates anything from simple appetizers to fantastic multi-course meals with guests based on a theme, or type of cuisine. The hands-on cooking class gives guests of all skill levels the ability to learn how to create beautiful, delicious dishes, and understand how flavors, textures, colors, and taste comes together.

Some classes may focus on plating techniques; taking simple items and making them look professionally crafted.

Other classes may focus on mixology, showing you and your party how to create classic and complex cocktails with ease.

Our cooking classes are held in unique venues, and can come to you when needed. We can often offer a custom solution to your groups needs.

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Full/Multi-Day Motorcoach Tours

Conceived by us and supported by sister companies Gimmel Travel and Food Tour Corporation, We offer unique motorcoach tours crafted to give guests options to create their ideal experience, meet like minded travelers, and enjoy the history, architecture, culture, and cuisine of the area.

We bring exciting experiences to the next generation of motorcoach travellers. Our motorcoach tours bring guests to unexpected and exciting stops throughout the city of their choice and beyond. Choose from a selection of single or multiple day options, including weeklong excursions.

Motorcoach tours can be provided for groups of all sizes, as few as 8 and as many as 300 or more guests.

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Bar and Pub Crawls

From a few friends to a few hundred, our team develops libation centric efforts that enable individuals to appreciate their drinks, their company, and the establishment.

New exciting crawls are coming out in 2015 aimed at the artisanal side of drinking; from its humble beginnings to its final product and everywhere in between.

At its roots, our pub and bar crawls combine a guided historic, cultural walking or vehicle-based tour with stops at local bars and pubs.

Our basic crawls will test guests' knowledge with a series of trivia questions, giving guests the opportunity to win free drinks and shots. Drink specials, food, and prizes can be combined into the crawl upon request.

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